Our own collection of photos & video clips from Soundgarden, Chris Cornell, & Audiosoave shows we've gone to.

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Pass - PJ20
9/03/2011 + 09/04/2011

(Pearl Jam, Temple of the Dog, Chris Cornell, Queens of the Stone Age, Mudhoney, The Strokes)
A collection of Soundgarden, Chris Cornell, & Audioslave clips shared with us over the years.  Enjoy !

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Left: Our videos from night 2 in Philadelphia 11.05.16
Download the videos from our Google Drive

Right: 11.04 and 11.05 2016 Philly videos from our friend Allon (MFC172 on YouTube)
Download the videos here

Philadelphia Night 11/04 and 11/05 videos from Jim Powers [YouTube]

Left: Our own videos from the NY show
Download the videos from our Google Drive

Right: NY videos from our friend Allon
(MFC172 on YouTube)
Download the videos here

Temple of the Dog Seattle Nov. 20th & 21st - Video from Allon (MFC172 on YouTube)
Download Here: Seattle Night 1 | Seattle Night 2



Chris Cornell - Santander Arts Center - Reading, PA 11.22.2013

Videos from YouTube user Jim Powers

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Soundgarden - Atlanta, GA 05/08/2013

Soundgarden - Atlanta, GA 05/08/2013


Soundgarden @ Atlanta, GA 05.08.2013
iPhone video synched with Tascam DR-05 Audio
Source: Jeff Lucero [YouTube] [Twitter]

Beyond The Wheel - Download | YouTube
By Crooked Steps - Download | YouTube
Fresh Tendrils - Download | YouTube
Loud Love - Download | YouTube
Superunknown - Download | YouTube
Worse Dreams - Download | YouTube

Soundgarden Art provided by H. C. Nicholson
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Our Videos From The Second Philadelphia Show featuring the debut of "Missing" & The New York Show:
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Temple of the Dog
Philadelphia, PA 11.05.2016

Temple of the Dog
New York, NY 11.07.2016

Our Audio From Philly

We have a lot more Temple of the Dog 2016 tour clips on our Toy Box page



We were lucky enough to meet and hang out with Josh Homme in our hotel [which was also where The New No2 and The Strokes were staying] !  As well as, we assume, Brendan O’Brien, based on his computer showing up on the same hotel wifi network [screen grab]. Homme’s tour manager also got us a photo pass which we ended up sharing (Meghan + Mike & Jaye English) for both nights of Mudhoney, Queens of the Stone Age, The Strokes, and Pearl Jam.

The final four bands are all bands that we would kill to see live anytime/anywhere.  To have them all together, and two nights in a row was beyond epic. As a bonus, the Friday before the show was Jaye’s birthday and Meghan and I’s 3-year anniversary, and that was the night that: We found out for sure that Chris Cornell would be at the shows, we had dinner a few feet from The Strokes (although I had my back to them and didn’t realize this until they had left), we met/hung out with/had drinks with Josh Homme after he autographed/drew-on Meghan’s iPad

The shows were both epic.  It was Meghan and I’s first time ever seeing Mudhoney, which is so incredibly unacceptable it’s not even funny. But at least we finally saw them, and saw them twice at that.  Queens of the Stone Age were amazing as expected.  Meghan hadn’t seen them previously but I caught them once when they were part of the last touring-Lollapalooza with Incubus and Audioslave.  We saw The Strokes for our 3rd and 4th times and they continue to be great, and Pearl Jam certainly did not disappoint with their incredibly long sets. 

We knew Cornell would be there going into the shows, but rather than take away from the surprise, it made the Pearl Jam set that much better.  I joke a lot about my not-exactly-#1-fan status with Pearl Jam but in reality, I’ve been a fan for years.  Meghan and I met after we each drove 5+ hours to see them at some place they usually use for Rodeo’s on the 2004 Vote For Change Tour.  

There have been times, at previous shows, where I’m just not that into their entire library, and when they go on for 2.5-3 hours, there’s a point where I do wish the show would have ended already.  It’s very possible to be a fan of a band and just not want to see them play every song they’ve ever written. 

With his being such an important event, and knowing that Cornell was coming out, I was able to really appreciate the full set more than ever before and appreciate the band like I hadn’t in a while.  Cornell was great, his voice just somehow improves again and again and this is incredibly obvious listening to the Temple of the Dog sets.  

Below we have our media from the shows.  For the non-Soundgarden related bands, we have YouTube videos of some of the performances.  For select Pearl Jam, and all Temple of the Dog, we have the YouTube videos but we also have MP3 audio and downloads of the videos so you can load up your iPods and smart phones with ‘em or beam them to your TV’s whenever you want. 

(Enjoy !)


You can download - at least the Chris Cornell & Temple of the Dog - videos on our Google Drive page. You DO NOT need to sign in or even have a google account for this. 

PJ20 Playlist Night 1
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PJ20 Playlist Night 2
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Photos: PJ20, Pearl Jam/Temple of the Dog Night 1 Posting Our PJ20 Video Posting Our PJ20 Video

NY Daily News Posts Our 2016 TOTD Video

NY Daily News Posts Our 2016 TOTD Video posting our PJ20 video posting our PJ20 video


The only book EVER created by the fans for any high-profile band, Photofantasm Soundgarden: Nudedragons to King Animal is dedicated to rock pioneers Soundgarden. It features commentary and recollections from fellow artists, the music press, and other notable contributors.

Photofantasm Soundgarden: Nudedragons to King Animal highlights the Seattle band's rebirth via hundreds of pages' worth of photographs, graphic art, anecdotes, interviews, and reviews. In a truly collaborative effort, fans, artists, musicians, authors, photographers, and other notable personalities all help chronicle Soundgarden's performances across the globe from 2010 to 2013. Photofantasm thoughtfully pairs content from over 300 contributors around the world, spanning more than thirty countries on six continents, providing a meaningful and visually appealing narrative as we follow Soundgarden on this journey.

This book captures moments in time that will never be replicated. The moment when you first heard the band might get back together after thirteen years; when you heard the rumors that Nudedragons would open a show in Seattle and later discovered the band's name was in fact an anagram for Soundgarden; when you first saw them onstage after years of thinking you'd never see your favorite band perform again; when you felt the palpable energy of the band's chemistry reignite while their thunderous beats filled your chest; when you learned that King Animal was the title of their first new album in sixteen years, then had to endure the gut-wrenching anticipation of waiting for what seemed like an eternity for its release. No, these moments in Soundgarden's history can never be replicated, and that's why they've been documented by their fans in Photo - fan - tasm. To quote Everybody Loves Our Town: An Oral History of Grunge author Mark Yarm in his foreword to Photofantasm Soundgarden, the book is "by the fans, for the fans" and captures what promises to be just the beginning of a very long second chapter! Although Photofantasm covers the epic return of Soundgarden from Nudedragons to King Animal it transitions to present day looking forward to the band's future.

Contributors, who in the spirit of this project and mutual passion for Soundgarden, shared their work and gave their time for Photofantasm. Irrespective of location and language we all have one thing in common: a deep appreciation of Soundgarden's music. It inspires us. The individual impact and experience of their music is personal to each contributor, as it is to the millions of fans that didn't have an opportunity to participate in this project. The heart of this book is a section devoted to the loving memory of an extraordinary friend and Soundgarden fan Tiffany Patterson Gross who courageously fought cancer. All net proceeds will go to Canary Foundation, the first and only foundation in the world solely dedicated to the funding of early cancer-detection solutions.

Photofantasm is a thank you to Soundgarden from their fans - the Knights of the Soundtable.


Artists who contributed their amazing artwork include Josh Graham, Munk One, Brad Klausen, Frank Kozik, EMEK, Maxx242, Jeff Soto, Mark 5, Gregg Gordon, Justin Kamerer, Rhys Cooper, Justin Hampton, Jermaine Rogers, Zoltron, Ames Bros, Ken Taylor, Chuck Sperry, and Lars P. Krause. In addition to the fans and graphic artists some of the other notable contributors include Meat Puppets, Mastodon, Dave Krusen, Candlebox, Pepper Keenan (COC/Down), Kevin Wood (Malfunkshun) to name just some of the musical artists; Mark Yarm author of Everybody Loves Our Town: An Oral History of Grunge and Sup-Pop co-founder Bruce Pavitt author of Experiencing Nirvana: Grunge in Europe, 1989 plus many others.

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Sub Pop's Silver Jubilee Took Place On Saturday July 13th, 2013.  Meghan and I flew up to Seattle to catch Tad Doyle's new band "Brothers Of The Sonic Cloth", Mudhoney, Jack Endino's Earthworm and other Sub Pop artists.  The festival also featured a pop up Sub Pop store and appearances by Seattle legends such as photographer Charles Peterson and Sub Pop founding members. 

A comedy show event was also held featuring Kristen Schaal (Flight of the Conchords, Bob's Burgers, 30 Rock), Jon Benjamin (Bob's Burgers, Archer, Home Movies, Family Guy), Marc Maron and Eugene Mirman (Bob's Burgers).

Here are some of the photos and video clips we were able to snap at the show. Enjoy !


Soundgarden & Chris Cornell Tour Dates + Set Lists