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Our own photos & audio/video clips from our over 40 shows

Audio/Video clips shared with us from Soundgarden, Audioslave, Temple of the Dog, and Chris Cornell shows

PJ20 | Temple Of The Dog

Our photos and videos from the PJ20 event in 2011, featuring our Temple of the Dog reunion videos that are featuring on the official box set release DVD. Plus, our 2016 Temple of the Dog shows in Philadelphia & New York.

Concert calendar featuring tour dates & set lists. Shows featured on What's Mine Is Ours & Toy Box include audio/video/photos.

Our photos & videos from the 2013 Sub Pop 25 event in Seattle

Put together by our good friends Jaye & Mike, Photofantasm is the only Soundgarden coffee-table book featuring photos from fans around the world, chronicling Soundgarden's 2010 return and subsequent touring through 2014.

Lea's comprehensive lists featuring Chris Cornell's music on Soundtracks, cover songs, duets, and more.