The story behind those "activist" signs

So for the Miami show [Link] we had made signs that read "Real Activists Play Pretty Noose" as a dig on Chris Cornell essentially joining Rage Against The Machine.  They were also playing Soundgarden songs at this point (Loud Love, Spoonman, Black Hole Sun (acoustic), Outshined) although we didn't expect they would actually play Pretty Noose because of the tuning and just because it's pretty likely the band  hadn't learned it. 

So at the Miami show, Chris actually grabbed the sign from Meghan and read it, then tossed it off to the side. 

So for Orlando, we took the same sign and added another that read "Real Activists Don't Discard Miami Fans' Signs".  At this show, Chris happened to read this right as Tom was having guitar issues.  He [probably jokingly] called her a bitch, and while the band (except for Tom) started doing some random improv beat while Tom got his guitar stuff sorted out, Chris sang Pretty Noose for us : )