New Layout For Our Shared Shows

Our new "What's Mine Is Ours" page is being updated with a new display style for housing our photos and video clips from Soundgarden & Chris Cornell shows we've been to

New changes:

On Computer
- hover over any photo to see show info before clicking to enter the page
- utilizing YouTube playlist buttons to keep pages for shows with a lot of video clips from getting cluttered

On Mobile/Tablet
- all of the design changes translate over to mobile except for the show info on hover (since you can't hover on mobile), so the show info shows all the time on mobile.
- added search to the bottom of the page to more easily find a show (or anything on the site)

We still have a lot more shows to add, plus more files into some of the existing pages that are up already.  Once that is compete, we'll also add links to the show pages in the Tour page to make it easier to find out if we were at a specific show and were able to get what you were looking for from it. 

Let us know if anything is broken, other than the entire site itself
@iJeffgarden on Twitter or if you still email,