25th Anniversary Of The Release Of "Temple Of The Dog" Album

This Saturday, April 16th 2016, marks the 25th anniversary of the release of Temple of the Dog.  

Released April 16, 1991 

Released April 16, 1991 

Coincidentally/interestingly, this is also the date for this year's Record Store Day [Website].  In the past, Record Store Day has seen the limited release of both Soundgarden and Pearl Jam limited edition albums (of which we gave out dozens for free on Twitter).  Nothing has been announced for Temple of the Dog (or Soundgarden) so far for this year, but if we're starting rumors (and we are) this seems like a possibility for part of the 25th anniversary promotion. 

There is also a new Temple of the Dog Twitter account (Twitter.com/templeofthedog) which seems to have only existed since March 11th 2016.  So it seems pretty likely that this was also created for the 25th anniversary.   They also have an official [Facebook Page] although that one does seem to have been around longer than the Twitter account.

The website Albumism also posted their own acknowledgement of the 25th Aniversary [Here]. An article that was tweeted out by Chris Cornell. 

If we hear of any concrete info we'll post it here, and if there is any sort of limited release that we can find an abundance of, we'll get a couple extra and help give them away - as we do.