Pearl Jam Jazz Fest 2016 Videos

We're uploading our videos from last night's show to this playlist:

You can use that 3-line hamburger menu at the top left to choose a song.  The videos are uploading [painfully] slow so it may be a while before they're all up.  We're on hotel wifi at best, and other wise in New Orleans - the city that still thinks the Internet is that thing in men's swim shorts that cups your balls (for some reason...). 

Highlights include: Rocking In The Free World with Chad Smith on Drums and Matt Cameron on guitar, The Real Me cover from The Who, State of Love and Trust (just because it's the first one uploading and that way you get to feel like you got to see one of the highlights), and Long Road. 

They'll eventually be in this playlist and we'll add download links too for you hoarders.  Plus we'll make a dedicated page on the What's Mine Is Ours page, but probably not until we're back home.