Find Your Way Back: Chris Cornell @ Miami, FL 10.29.2015 [2 Years]


Chris Cornell
Adrienne Arsht Center - Knight Concert Hall
Miami, FL
October 29th 2015


IMG_0853 2.jpg

1. Before We Disappear
2. Can't Change Me
3. Moonchild
4. The Times They Are A Changin' Back
5. As Hope & Promise Fade
6. Nearly Forgot My Broken Heart
7. Fell On Black Days
8. Thank You
9. River of Deceipt
10. Call Me A Dog
11. Doesn't Remind Me


12. Blow Up The Outside World
13. Let Your Eyes Wander
14. Billie Jean
15. Seasons
16. When I'm Down
17. I Am The Highway
18. Worried Moon
19. Rusty Cage
20. Sunshower
21. Black Hole Sun
22. Hunger Strike
23. Wooden Jesus
24. A Day In The Life
25. Josephine
26. Higher Truth

Use The Drop-Down Menu @ The Top Left To Choose
Moonchild Or Blow Up The Outside World

Download Both Videos Here

Download Audio Of The Entire Show Here


We had meet & greet tickets for this show via a contest held by where to enter, they wanted proof of purchase of Higher Truth.  They held the other type of meet and greet that night as well, but ours was in a group setting where others had won the "caller 10" type of radio contests (who knew people still listen to the radio) and other Twitter/Team CC contests. 

The usual set up with these things is to bring 2 items to be signed. We brought our copy of Photofantasm [] and a promotional Hands All Over hand, the latter of which Chris played with for a while, putting it in his sleeve and waving to us and shaking people's hands.  They wouldn't let us take our phone out to take pictures or videos though. 


They didn't let anyone use their own camera/phone to take the actual meet and greet photo either and they all came out really horribly.  Like Michael J. Fox using a Blackberry bad.  Ours was pretty blurry but actually came out better than anyone else's.  We tried to fix a couple of the others' photos in Photoshop and send them the fixed version (of course security shared all of our emails with each other lol) but most were pretty unrecoverable.  We made sure to warn the meet and greet people for the next night to ask to see the pictures before leaving.