Find Your Way Back: Chris Cornell @ Orlando, FL 11.04.2007 [10 Years]

Chris Cornell
Hard Rock Live
Orlando, Florida
November 4th 2007


1. Let Me Drown
2. Outshined
3. Show Me How To Live
4. No Such Thing
5. Be Yourself
6. Hunger Strike
7. Spoonman
8. Billie Jean
9. Fell On Black Days
10. Preaching The End Of The World
11. Call Me A Dog
12. Wide Awake
13. Like A Stone
14. Doesn't Remind Me
15. Cochise
16. Arms Around Your Love
17. Black Hole Sun
18. What You Are
19. Rusty Cage
20. You Know My Name
21. Slaves & Bulldozers
22. 4th Of July
23. Preaching The End Of The World
24. Whole Lotta Love
25. Pushin Forward Back
26. All Night Thing
27. Jesus Christ Pose
28. Pretty Noose
29. Burden In My Hand
30. The Day I Tried To Live
31. Can't Change Me
32. Sunshower
33. Finally Forever
34. Wave Goodbye
35. Out Of Exile
36. Dandelion

You can pile the lack of video from this show to our endless regrets, but we are equally eternally grateful for having gone to the show at all.  Most of our photos didn't come out too great either, but we're posting some of the more tolerable ones here.