Videos: Best Live Soundgarden Performances

Videos: Best Live Soundgarden Performances

Lea Maric, who became a household name in the 90's when she was found to be living inside a Walmart for 2 months, has put together this extensive list of some of the best live Soundgarden performances between 1984 and 1997. 

All Song Titles Link To YouTube

Beyond the Wheel - song 8 of 8 (April 16, 1990 at Philipshalle. Düsseldorf, Germany)

Little Joe [Motorvision 1992] 

Mind Riot - San Francisco, CA - 4/19/92

Bootcamp 1996 Fairfax

This is a song about the bitch... fuckin bitch Pretty Noose (Fairfax, 1996)

4th of July - 15 Oberhausen 1995

Black Hole Sun (live 1996 on MTV)

Outshined with Eddie Vedder [Live Bremerton, WA 1992]

Slaves and Bulldozers LiVE TV 1992 PinkPop Proshot

Jesus Christ Pose - Lollapalooza Seattle,Wa July 22 1992

Birth Ritual 1991-09-14 Capitol Theater

Gun [Louder Than Live 1990]

Room A Thousand Years Wide [Motorvision 1992]

Searching With My Good Eye Closed [Live Hype HD this intro to the segment/Kim clip does it for me]

"Fopp" Live - 1988

"Hand of God" Live - 1988

Nothing To Say & Beyond The Wheel - 1989 Italy

Hunted Down 1988-02-11 Club Lingerie: Los Angeles, CA

"Ugly Truth" - Lollapalooza '92- Bremerton, WA

MaiLMan LiVE tv 1996 proshot UK

Burden in My Hand (SNL 1996)

Like Suicide- 1994 Beetlehem

Spoonman- Kawasaki, Japan Feb. 8, 1994

The Day I Tried To Live - 1994 Berkeley

My Wave- 4 Oberhausen 1995

Rusty Cage -June 8, 1992 PinkPop Festival Landgraaf, The Netherlands

Fell on Black Days- live from Japan in 1994

Let Me Drown - 2 Oberhausen 1995

Blow up the Outside- 1996 MTV

Flower (Live - 1990 Düsseldorf, Germany

Hands All Over Live 1990

Superunknown- 10 Oberhausen 1994

Drawing Flies - San Francisco, CA - 4/19/92

Ty Cobb- 6 Oberhausen 1995

Face Pollution- Live Hippodrome France June 6th 1992 03

Room a Thousand Years Wide (Live in Toronto '92)

Loud Love 1990

I Awake from the Louder Than Live performance 1990 Whiskey Go Go LA

---Wild Cards ---

Chris Cornell - Scream Live Acoustic on a Denmark TV Show 3-5-09

Chris Cornell- Mind Riot Sydney Opera House 22 October 2011

Chris Cornell 1/29/10 Troubadour - Ticket to Ride

Chris Cornell - Seasons - Backstage Chile 2009

Burden In My Hand - Bridge School (October 25, 2014) Only time you'll see Kim on an acoustic


Head Down - London, England, 16/04/1994

Get on the Snake Live 1990

Full on Kevin's Mom - (April 16, 1990 at Philipshalle. Düsseldorf Germany)

Rhinosaur- Oakland, CA - 1996

Dusty- Toronto 1996

"Somewhere" Live 1991 "Tiki Bun Chris"

Fresh Tendrils (07/02/94) Live w/ Natasha Shneider

Never the Machine Forever Toronto, 1996

Limo Wreck - Live London 1994

New Damage- New Damage 1991-09-14 Capitol Theater

Mood For Trouble 1989-11-28 Fitzgerald's: Houston, TX

Fopp- Live - 1988

Blind Dogs (self-pollution radio)

Video: Alternative Press/Pierce The Veil Chris Cornell Tribute / Black Hole Sun Performance

Video: Alternative Press/Pierce The Veil Chris Cornell Tribute / Black Hole Sun Performance

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