Interview: Tom Morello Asked About Unreleased Audioslave Material

Update: From Kerrang! Interview 10/2018

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We've heard before that there are a few recorded and unreleased Audioslave songs.  Even from the very beginning, the band stated they had over 20 songs, 14 of which made it to their debut album. 

We've heard a couple songs live that aren't on any of the 3 albums or separate singles, and "Turn To Gold" from the original leaked demos never made an official release either.

This Chris Cornell solo performance of "Roads We Choose" from Atlantic City, NJ in 2011 also has Chris explaining that this song was written and recorded by Audioslave during the Out of Exile sessions but never made it to that album or Revelations.  Chris then recorded a separate version for Carry On, although it didn't make that album either. 


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In a new interview with Tom Morello, Michael Astley-Brown asks about unreleased Audioslave songs and learning from Chris Cornell:

The late Chris Cornell was an unsung talent as a guitarist; did you learn anything from him when it came to guitar playing?

“He had a very wonderful and unorthodox songwriting talent - it was sort of part-Beatles, part-Black Sabbath, but he had this internal non-4/4 time signature clock in him that was really interesting, and it’s in some of those Audioslave songs where he would contribute chord progressions.

“One of the most difficult parts of any Audioslave song for me to play was the bridge of Like A Stone, which was Chris’s chords. Because it was just so counterintuitive to me; he just had very unique chordal inclinations that made for beautiful music, then he would weave his gorgeous melodies on top of them. And still to this day, I have to have a cheat sheet onstage when we do the tribute to Chris, playing Like A Stone - I just have to make sure I don’t mess up the bridge. [laughs]”

There's still some unreleased Audioslave material in the vault; will that ever see the light of day?

“I hope it does, because there’s great Audioslave material in the vault. It’s so sad: we had talked about playing more Audioslave shows and releasing that material and doing something together in the not-too-distant future.”