Videos/Photos: Hype! 20th Anniversary Screening Event

Last night, we attended the 20th anniversary screening of Hype! at the Siff Theater. 

The videos [at the bottom of this page] are a short clip from the opening band, The Schmidtheads, an on-stage discussion session, and audience question/answer session featuring:
Mark Arm (lead singer Mudhoney), Jack Endino, producer (Soundgarden, Nirvana, etc.), Charles Peterson (photographer), Steve Fisk (producer: Screaming Trees, Beat Happening), Lulu Gargiulo (Fastbacks), Kurt Bloch (Fastbacks, Young Fresh Fellows, numerous bands) with Director/Editor Doug Pray and host DJ Marco Collins, who helped introduce grunge to the world in the early ‘90s on Seattle’s “The End” 107.7FM

The band playing before the screening is the Schmidtheads, a spin-off of legendary late ‘80s proto-grunge band The Thrown Ups. Three of the Schmidtheads (Leighton Beezer, Ed Fotheringham, and Scott Schickler), were featured on the seminal 1988 release, Sub Pop 200, which has been called “The Mayflower of Grunge.” A fourth member, Jo Smitty, was in the early ‘80s band Mr. Epp and the Calculations (which was also Mark Arm and Steve Turner’s first band, long before Mudhoney formed).