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Audioslave Art By Carlos Vargas

For The Love Of Audioslave
15 years later — the legacy of an original fire. Featuring: Tim Commerford
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About 1,100 miles up the west coast, Chris Cornell found himself in the aftermath of quite a successful and incredibly moving solo record, Euphoria Morning, as Soundgarden had disbanded in 1997. Much to the surprise of both parties, it was acclaimed producer Rick Rubin who suggested that Morello, Commerford and Wilk get together with Cornell. The timing seemed to be perfect. When asked about his initial thoughts to Rubin’s suggestion, Commerford with much enthusiasm responded, “I immediately thought about Badmotorfinger. It’s one of my favorite records. I spent so much time with that record, just loving it. I thought about ‘Slaves & Buldozers’ and ‘Jesus Christ Pose.’ These are songs that are anthems to me. It was so exciting.”

Commerford explained, they immediately started thinking about the endless possibilities of having Cornell’s voice blend with their music. “I think the first day Rick hit us up with Cornell, we were at his house and we all listened to ‘Slaves & Bulldozers’ and we discussed how Cornell could just do anything. Little did I know it was not really going to go in that direction. I see Audioslave as more classic rock, singer, chord progression type of music. Things like that, we never really did with Rage.” It seemed to be a natural pairing. Three robust musicians joining forces with an unmistakably potent voice that’s an instrument unto itself. All sounds made by guitar, bass, drums and vocals. Again — how fitting.

The Inspiration Of Audioslave In 10 Stunning Lyrics
To Be Yourself Is All That You Can Do
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As we are now 15 years past the self-titled debut of Audioslave, it is more apparent than ever just how moving their art was/is. There is a significant difference in mood between Audioslave and Out of Exile, while Revelationsserves as a cautiously optimistic path into the future.

Here, we crack open the Audioslave vault and extract 10 sets of inspiring lyrics. What you will find is that though their sound was consistently explosive, delicate words were placed in both the loudest and quietest moments — creating an intimate setting for the listener to make of them what they please.




Well, I’ve been watching
While you’ve been coughing
I’ve been drinking life
While you’ve been nauseous

The first sentence Audioslave ever said to us.
*Note the “thing” scream in the bridge deserves its own segment