Photos + Video Clip: “Experiencing Nirvana” | Bruce Pavitt Holds Nirvana/Sub Pop Event, Answers Soundgarden "Sub Pop Rock City" Question

Sub Pop founder Bruce Pavitt held an art exhibit - Experiencing Nirvana - at the Pompano Beach Cultural Center last night (09.21.2019).

Jenny’s [Twitter] “Sub Pop Rock City” Question

Kim was referring to a convo that supposedly Bruce had with members of a sub pop band insisting they replace their drummer!
— Our “Inside Source”

“Oh my god ! Are you Jeffgarden !? I’ve seen fucking Jeffgarden !” - Kim Thayil

We hung around after tonight's MC50 show with Kim Thayil, and Kim came out to autograph a few things and talk to fans briefly.  Had a bit of a surprise when Meghan mentioned the site and Kim recognized it !