Event: "I Am The Highway - A Tribute To Chris Cornell"

“I Am The Highway . A Tribute To Chris Cornell”
January 16 2019

Update: Live Stream

Update: Setlist (42 songs)

The Melvins -
The Kicking Machine | With Yo’ Heart, Not Yo’ Hands (Malfunkshun cover) | Leech (Green River cover) | Let It All Be | Honey Bucket | Spoonman
Rita Wilson - The Promise
Nikka Costa & Alain Johannes - Disappearing One
Chris Stapleton - The Keeper
Foo Fighters - No Attention | Girl U Want | Earache My Eye | Everlong (Dave Grohl solo)
Josh Homme - Rusty Cage
Adam Levine, Jesse Carmichael, & Stone Gossard - Seasons
Miley Cyrus - As Hope And Promise Fade
Audioslave (Tom Morello & Brad Wilk) - Cochise (feat. Perry Ferrell) | Be Yourself (feat. Juliette Lewis) | Set It Off (feat. Chris Chaney, Sam Harris, and Tim Mcilrath) | Like A Stone (feat. Brandi Carlile) | Show Me How To Live (feat. Robert Trujillo and Dave Grohl)
Toni Cornell & Ziggy Marley - Redemption Song
Metallica - All Your Lies | For Whom The Bell Tolls | Master Of Puppets | Head Injury
Ryan Adams - Dead Wishes, Fell On Black Days
Temple Of The Dog - Preaching The End Of The World (feat. Nikka Costa) | Can’t Change Me (feat. Alain Johannes), Hunted Down (feat. William DuVall, Jerry Cantrell, and Josh Freese) | All Night Thing (feat. Fiona Apple, Brendan O’Brien, and Matt Chamberlain) | Reach Down (feat. Miguel, Nikka Costa, and Brendan O’Brien) | Say Hello 2 Heaven (feat. Miley Cyrus) | Hunger Strike (feat. Brandi Carlile, Chris Stapleton, and Brendan O’Brien)
Soundgarden - Rusty Cage (feat. Taylor Momsen) | Flower (feat. Marcus Durant) | Outshined (feat. Marcus Durant and Stone Gossard) | Drawing Flies (feat. Taylor Momsen, Buzz Osbourne, Matt Demeritt, and Tracy Wanamae) | Loud Love (feat. Taylor Momsen, Tom Morello and Wayne Kramer) | I Awake (feat. Taylor Hawkins and Buzz Osbourne) | The Day I Tried To Live (feat. Taylor Hawkins and Buzz Osbourne) | Black Hole Sun (feat. Brandi Carlile, Peter Frampton, Tim Hanseroth, and Phil Hanseroth)

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Original (pre-show) post:

It’s difficult to say now what we’ll be able to come away with…
We hope to be able to record parts of the show, and post clips on this page tomorrow [over]night.

If we can, we will try to also live-stream on our Twitter feed at Twitter.com/iJeffgarden (note the username is iJeffgarden and not Jeffgarden on twitter)

If we have to choose 1, while the live stream is cool, it also lowers the quality of the video in order to broadcast it easier, so we would forgo that in favor of videos that we would post after the show. If we can do both, we will (try).

In any case, whatever we do end up with will pop up on this post, and our What’s Mine Is Ours page

‘I Am The Highway: A Tribute To Chris Cornell’ will take place on Wednesday, January 16, 2019 at The Forum in Los Angeles. The event will feature performances from the members of Soundgarden, Temple of the Dog and Audioslave, plus Foo Fighters, Metallica, Ryan Adams and many more. Tickets go on sale this Friday, November 16 at 10am pt at: http://bit.ly/IAmTheHighway. Proceeds will benefit EBMRF.
— ChrisCornell.com 11.13.2018

Additional artists have been added to I Am The Highway: A Tribute to Chris Cornell on Wednesday, January 16, 2019 at The Forum in Los Angeles. Fiona Apple, Brandi Carlile, Josh Homme, Miley Cyrus, Adam Levine, Ziggy Marley, Miguel, Taylor Momsen, Chris Stapleton and other special guests will join the star-studded concert event.

Posted by Matt Cameron to Instagram stories. Uploaded by AlternativeNation.net on 2019-01-09.

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Videos: "Concert Matrix Reloaded" Posts Rare Soundgarden, Chris Cornell, and Audioslave Shows

Just Added:
Soundgarden @ Poughkeepsie, NY
January 25th 1990

Original Post:

YouTube channel Concert Matrix Reloaded posts tons of rare Soundgarden, Chris Cornell, and Audioslave videos, including some full show bootlegs that have not been previously posted.

Watch/Download the YouTube videos below in [mostly] chronological order. We will also be incorporating the clips and shows into our Toy Box and Shows pages.

Temple of the Dog
Bill Graham Civic Auditorium - San Francisco, CA 11.11.2016

Sleep Country Amphitheater - Ridgefield, WA 08.29.2014

Guitar Center Sessions - 2014

Jones Beach - Wantagh, NY 07.09.2011
We were at this show and have photos posted here

Fiddler’s Green - Lollapalooza - Greenwood Village, CO 08.13.2003

Chris Cornell
The Paramount - Seattle, WA 02.07.2000

Chris Cornell performs “Can’t Change Me” on The Late Show with David Letterman in 1999

”Searching With My Good Eye Closed” - MUCH Music 1992

Temple of the Dog
Irvine Meadows - Irvine, CA 09.13.1992

Hippodrome de Vincennes | France 06.06.1992

Trocadero | Philadelphia, PA 05.10.1992
Download First Version | Download Second Version

The Warfield | San Francisco, CA 04.19.1992
Download This YouTube Video
Download Video We Had From This Show

Capitol Theater - Olympia, WA 09.1991

Philipshalle Düsseldorf - 04.16.1990

Vallerano - Bologna, Italy 06.08.1989

Club Lingerie - Los Angeles, CA 02.11.1988

Article: "Poncier: The Chris Cornell Rarity That Remains A Cult Classic"

Photo: "Jeffgarden" Instagram

Photo: "Jeffgarden" Instagram

When director Cameron Crowe was looking to cast his Seattle-based 1992 romcom, Singles, he’d earmarked Soundgarden frontman Chris Cornell to play the character Cliff Poncier: an idealistic alt.rock musician with an eye for coffee-bar waitress Janet, played by Bridget Fonda.

Cornell, however, couldn’t spare the time to act in the movie. When Crowe was shooting Singles, Seattle was fast becoming the epicentre of the rock’n’roll universe. Nirvana’s Nevermind and Pearl Jam’s Ten had broken globally, while Soundgarden’s third album, Badmotorfinger, was on the way to granting the band their first Platinum disc.

With Cornell understandably focused on his primary career, Crowe instead cast Matt Dillon (Rumble FishDrugstore Cowboy) as Cliff Poncier – though Cornell did make a wordless cameo in one scene, as an onlooker watching Poncier install some car speakers.

Along with grunge-era peers Pearl Jam, Mudhoney and Alice In Chains, Soundgarden contributed to the Singles soundtrack, but that wasn’t the extent of Chris Cornell’s involvement. In the movie, Poncier brags that his band, Citizen Dick, have had a hit in Belgium; from this piece of fiction sprang the notion of Cornell recording an EP’s worth of solo songs as the post-Citizen Dick Cliff Poncier.

With help from Pearl Jam trio Jeff Ament, Eddie Vedder and Stone Gossard, Cornell crafted the songs in secret and presented the five-song cassette to an astonished Cameron Crowe.

“This is Chris Cornell, as Cliff Poncier, recording all of these songs, with lyrics and total creative vision,” the director later told Rolling Stone, sharing his thoughts on hearing the songs for the first time. “‘Seasons’ comes on – and you can’t help but go ‘Wow!’”

Suitably affected, Crowe included the brooding, elemental folk ballad ‘Seasons’ on the Singles soundtrack, while the entire EP was issued under the name Poncier as a promotional CD (in several different colour sleeves) on fake label Real Clever Records. The EP remains a fascinating listen and the fact Cornell later revisited all five tracks suggests he knew he’d trapped lightning in a bottle.

Outside of ‘Seasons’, ‘Spoonman’ is Poncier’s obvious go-to track. Inspired by Seattle street musician Artis The Spoonman, Soundgarden later worked up an electric version of the song (showcasing Artis’ spoon-playing skills) for their album Superunknown, and it became their breakthrough Billboard Top 10 hit. The song’s hypnotic power and strange, septuple time signature are already in place on the acoustic Poncier version, however, and this original take also features in a scene in Singles.

Cornell also re-recorded ‘Flutter Girl’ on his 1999 solo album, Euphoria Morning. He later upped the song’s tempo and added wah-wah guitars, but on Poncier the song is understated: a vulnerable ballad with twangy, Pixies-style surf guitar. Unaltered, the cavernous, psych-flecked ‘Nowhere But You’ later re-appeared on the flip of Cornell’s ‘Can’t Change Me’ single, while the strident, new wave-esque ‘Missing’ was later performed by Cornell’s “other” band, Temple Of The Dog, during their acclaimed 2016 US tour.

Accompanied by two previously unreleased song sketches, the Poncier songs recently resurfaced when the Singles soundtrack received a deluxe reissue earlier in 2017. And now they’re about to receive another airing, in their original EP form, as a limited run of 1,500-only cassette copies and 4,000-only vinyl copies, pressed for this year’s Black Friday Record Store Day event.

With its semi-mythical status still gloriously intact, Poncier looks set to remain one of the most sought-after titles in Chris Cornell’s venerable catalogue.

[Updated] Find Your Way Back: Temple of the Dog @ New York 11.07.2016 [1 Year]

Update, fixed issue with "Man of Golden Words" cutting off after 3 seconds. If you still have an issue with the stream or download, please let me know using the social icons on the page.

Temple of the Dog
Madison Square Garden
New York, New York
November 7th 2016


[Encore Break]

[Encore Break 2]

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Uncovered: Soundgarden, Audioslave, & Temple of the Dog songs, covered by other bands

Lea Maric (pictured left), who garnered national attention in 2012 after consuming bath salts and viciously attacking an elderly man in Miami, has put together an extensive list of Soundgarden, Audioslave, and Temple of the Dog cover songs performed throughout the years. 

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Soundgarden Covers:

Incubus - Black Hole Sun - [Date/Location Unknown] (MP3 Download)

Smashing Pumpkins - Outshined [tease] @ Raymond Revenue Bar - London 04.07.1993  (MP3 Download)

·       Peter Frampton Blackhole Sun https://youtu.be/nU8yuWddw0E

·       Johnny Cash - Rusty Cage https://youtu.be/EtbuUlSGXzc

·       Evanescence - 4th of July https://youtu.be/9Pdo8LDQQx4

·       Guns n' Roses - Black Hole Sun https://youtu.be/M4Q4XPluffY

·       Avett Brothers - Black Hole Sun https://youtu.be/5URFlP05IyI

·       Train- Black Hole Sun https://youtu.be/Msfag1w6uYA

·       Grace Potter and the Nocturnals - Black Hole Sun https://youtu.be/ZaGL10pLirI

·       Dopapod - Black Hole Sun https://youtu.be/KWxkt4LgyEc

·       Zakk Sabbath Outshined / Into the Void https://youtu.be/3sDLoX-aC5Y

·       Dee Snider – Outshined https://youtu.be/fYkOCHwJtn8

·       Charlotte Martin - Black Hole Sun https://youtu.be/XElOqBgo9vo

·       Gov't Mule - Fell On Black Days https://youtu.be/huLvpsueaEc

·       Thousand Foot Krutch – Outshined https://youtu.be/d1aaM8NE-tM

·       Incubus feat Matt from Cage The Elephant - https://youtu.be/hcT1pVh-jZY

·       Haley Reinhart - https://youtu.be/R6RD6mjiIZE

·       Cibo Matto - Black Hole Sun https://youtu.be/Ar0SK2fDCxQ

·       KT Tunstall - Black Hole Sun https://youtu.be/QZXUYYyl9wU

·       Classic Case - Fell On Black Days https://youtu.be/uPqhmIbEJao

·       Living Colour – Blow up the Outside https://youtu.be/WM_KDrEKQpM

·       Arielle – Black Hole Sun https://youtu.be/OFCX5MRx3ag

·       Maxence Cyrin - Black Hole Sun https://youtu.be/33xv2rDQInU

·       Halestorm - Fell on Black Dayshttps://youtu.be/0L0QiCYcXPA

·       Queen V from 90's Camp Freddy - Spoonman https://youtu.be/yomz7zO2Zps

·       Stone Sour – Outshined https://youtu.be/mUoqaPODc3A

·       Anastacia - Black Hole Sun https://youtu.be/C2hijoowDo8

·       Michael Franti & Spearhead – Black Hole Sun https://youtu.be/wnE-pKZyeVY

·       Billy Talent - Burden In My Hand https://youtu.be/WeTDn0kKu1Y

·       Mutemath - Black Hole Sun https://youtu.be/o4EwRNniTPU

·       Death Cab for Cutie - Fell On Black Days - https://youtu.be/s1_9kOAecuM

·       Alice in Chains - Hunted Down https://youtu.be/r8gHRyjjj60

·       Ryan Adams - Black Hole Sun https://youtu.be/dluZ7P3xo1s

·       Theory of a Deadman - Black Hole Sun https://youtu.be/8xFdfzhVM8U

·       Local H - Slaves & Bulldozers https://youtu.be/-Uj8T6orHc4

·       Alanis Morissette - Black Hole Sun https://youtu.be/eUsi6UV0IUs

·       Ann Wilson – Black Hole Sun https://youtu.be/hCzgPwbj1s8

·       Pierce the Veil – Black Hole Sun https://youtu.be/Wjk64gE-n5g

·       Megadeth – Outshined https://youtu.be/jJT4A8vS02Y

·       Westworld Soundtrack - Black Hole Sun - Ramin Djawadi https://youtu.be/mq364f4RGqE

·       District 97- Black Hole Sun https://youtu.be/pCnEeroycfE

·       Norah Jones – Black Hole Sun https://youtu.be/GfFndn2fIJc

·       Eric Church - Rusty Cage https://youtu.be/tyryIbS9yjg

·       Joe Tucker – Black Hole Sun https://youtu.be/hQ-56J-d5QQ

·       The Presidents of the United States of America – Spoonman https://youtu.be/UcPccQPhXPE

·       Trivium – Black Hole Sun https://youtu.be/_iGrA2238xo

·       Audioslave - Rusty Cage https://youtu.be/9e1IjL0Lskw

·       The Dillinger Escape Plan - Jesus Christ Pose https://youtu.be/Fc6M4buPOTg

·       Chris Daughtry - Fell on Black Dayshttps://youtu.be/QNfiK4ld_0E

·       Scott Stapp- Black Hole Sun https://youtu.be/F7JX-JfGzZI

·       The VR Sessions - Fell On Black Days https://youtu.be/ha5hKv3FAmI

·       Morgan James – Black Hole Sun https://youtu.be/cHmdTCl4kG8

·       Metallica- Black Hole Sun https://youtu.be/9axMI6TUPHI

·       Metallica/ Robert Trujillo - Black Hole Sun https://youtu.be/vTJRG1ywsUo

·       Break of Reality- Black Hole Sun https://youtu.be/nW8XDsST18s

·       Aerosmith Intro Black Hole Sun https://youtu.be/5jB0od_OoOo

·       Choir! Black Hole Sun https://youtu.be/cDN_jyv8Sfg

·       Bush - Black Hole Sun https://youtu.be/orb2CoZJXcs

·       Dream Theater- Black Hole Sun https://youtu.be/Xy1ezqxuT9I

·       Miki Santamaria- Black Hole Sun https://youtu.be/aSWcCGMzkQI







Audioslave/Temple of the Dog Covers:


·       Live - I Am The Highway https://youtu.be/tU4kPi4D8UU

·       Audioslave - Show Me How To Live https://youtu.be/g6VysLSeqqs

·       The Pretty Reckless - Like a Stone https://youtu.be/4RJFgzbsQCM

·       PROPHETS OF RAGE -  Like a Stone https://youtu.be/3aPqcNbj660

·       Géczi Teodóra cello cover - https://youtu.be/r1fu1ValPmA

·       NOWDAZE - Like A Stone https://youtu.be/1FAz2JALz8s

·       Sons of Texas - I Am The Highway Cover https://youtu.be/GfX5BjnJ4Vc

·       The Head and the Heart - Hunger Strike https://youtu.be/cu-0doD0OYI

·       Candlebox - Hunger Strike https://youtu.be/frU-f_zzlUQ

·       Candlebox – Say Hello 2 Heaven https://youtu.be/2bnXfMYl27o

·       Halestorm and Corey Taylor - Hunger Strike https://youtu.be/YNHnGDm5cRE

·       Godsmack - Hunger Strike https://youtu.be/U2IkaD823Z0

·       Red Hot Chili Peppers - All Night Thing https://youtu.be/990H3wD-_rA

·       Zac Brown Band - Hunger Strike https://youtu.be/LWbPariscjw

·       Corey Taylor - Hunger Strike https://youtu.be/3cI9UWcCjOw

·       Godsmack - Crawling/Hunger Strike https://youtu.be/9CrPN3MBs2A

·       Queensryche - Say Hello To Heaven https://youtu.be/Ir4JB74CGZE

·       Red Hot Chili Peppers /Josh Klinghoffer- Seasons https://youtu.be/jkCGugzcvrg

·       Mike Love- Seasons https://youtu.be/XIjydJ1IOuc

·       Puddles Pity Party - When I'm Down Cover https://youtu.be/B59pFr4l85c

·       Phyllotaxis – Cochise https://youtu.be/9eo-Mlh7_l4

·       Pete Thorn Guest Curated – Cochise https://youtu.be/AdcI1ZI8cCY