Toy Box: Soundgarden @ Copenhagen, Denmark 09.02.1995 [Audio]


01 Intro
02 Searching With My Good Eye Closed
03 Let Me Drown
04 Spoonman
05 My Wave
06 Drawing Flies
07 Ty Cobb
08 Fell On Black Days
09 Mailman
10 Head Down
11 Superunknown
12 Rusty Cage
13 Waiting For The Sun
14 Black Hole Sun
15 Jesus Christ Pose
16 -encore break- 
17 4th Of July
18 Kickstand
19 I Want You (She's So Heavy)

Video: Espo Productions Posts Pro Shot Soundgarden 2017 Fort Myers Show

Created page for this show on Toy Box with additional viewing/listening options

Espo Productions (YouTube Channel)
"As promised for the fans that asked, here's one of their last performances with Chris Cornell. Filmed April 2017 with 2 cameras and audio from the crowd. We never post full concerts in respect for the bands but since you will never see this again we would like to share it with you.

The show is the 04.30.2017 Fort Myers Show - We have our own (very much not pro-shot) video on What's Mine Is Ours

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