Video: Full Prophets Of Rage Show feat. Audioslave

Just added to Google Drive
- Full Prophets of Rage show. Even the parts you don't want to see
- Just the Audioslave initial 3 song set
- Those 3 songs split up
- Chris Cornell joining in with err'body on Killing In the Name

[Google Drive]
(it lets you stream these like YouTube but if you select a file, there's a download option too)

We also added these to the existing YouTube playlist:

Videos: Audioslave Reunite For 3-Song Set 01.20.2017

Watch On Google Drive (Cochise, Like A Stone, & Show Me How To Live*)

Audioslave performed Cochise, Like A Stone, and Show Me How To Live in that order, and Chris returned to close the show with all other guests and Prophets of Rage performing Killing In The Name Of.  

*Show Me How To Live is fan shot, thanks to our friend Lisa ! The other 2 are from the live stream. 

Note: it's 2:30am and these videos are uploading. so if you click the YouTube or Google Drive and the 2 videos aren't there, then you somehow found this site and clicked the links while the upload was still going.  Congrats ! Now wait longer