Highlights From SiriusXM Lithium's "#Superunknown25 Weekend"


This past weekend, SiriusXM’s Lithium station celebrated the 25th anniversary of Superunknown by playing all 15 tracks from the album, in addition to many of the demos, live versions, and rehearsal versions from the Superunknown 20 year anniversary deluxe edition. The Soundgarden songs were played throughout the weekend, scattered into the regular Lithium playlist.

In addition to the music, short clips sent in by fans were played throughout the 3 days, in addition to some clips from the band discussing the album’s creation and other topics.

While we didn’t get every clip that aired, the ones that we did capture are in our “Superunknown Turns 25” post, and below are some of our favorites:

“The first tours we did with Matt, you know we’re going to clubs in towns where, you know you’re just sort of intimidated. 
And you go into these dirty, dingy clubs that are dark. And they stink like rotten alcohol, you know, and there’s guys with neck tattoos wandering around, mopping [it] up, and everyone seems to hate you.

It was the first time I was outside of Seattle, and it was intimidating. One of the things I would remember...every time Matt would finish putting his kit together, he would sit down and start hitting the drums a little bit - that was one of those moments of confidence because whoever was in that room, would always look up with kind of a “holy shit !”. He was the only one in the band, at that time, that had that power. So it made me...”oh ! We can hold our head up”. It was very important.

When he would hit the first couple of drums, it would always make somebody look. “