Schedule (all times U.S. eastern):

Mondays & Fridays 5pm-7pm
"New Damage"
Songs released relatively recently, including new releases of the week. 

Every Morning 7am-8am
"Euphoria Mourning Monday"
Just another excuse to play an hour of Chris Cornell.  Because of DMCA rules, songs will be from Soundgarden, Chris Cornell, Audioslave, Temple of the Dog, Mad Season with Chris Cornell, and various projects featuring Chris Cornell (but we try to keep it mostly to songs fitting the Euphoria Mourning mood) 

Wednesdays & Saturdays 4pm-6pm
"Just Add It Up..."
We play songs from the 60's up to song that came out this week.  We add songs daily, and you can hear 2 hours of our latest additions here.

Thursdays & Sundays 5pm-6pm 
"Live, In The Superunknown"
Live Performances From Soundgarden, Chris Cornell, Audioslave, & Temple of the Dog.  Songs changed up weekly.

Monday | Wednesday | Friday 9am-10am
Matt Cameron appreciation hour. Features Matt's solo work and Wellwater Conspiracy, plus songs written by Matt with Soundgarden & Pearl Jam. 


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