Soundgarden @ Jacksonville, FL 04.29.2017

"Welcome To Rockville" Festival 2017

Set List

1. Searching With My Good Eye Closed (intro) -> Spoonman
2. Kyle Petty, Son of Richard
3. Outshined
4. Black Hole Sun
5. My Wave
6. The Day I Tried To Live
7. Been Away Too Long
8. Fell On Black Days
9. Incessant Mace
10. Blow Up The Outside World
11. Jesus Christ Pose
12. Rusty Cage
13. Beyond The Wheel

This show was the second stop of 3 in a row for us (and the band, as the Spring 2017 tour had just started one day before in Tampa).  Our video clips and photos are below and if you scroll past our stuff to the "Toy Box" section, we have some audio that was shared with us too. 

What's Mine Is Ours


We couldn't get a good shot of the stage from where we were so some of our videos from this show are of the screens at the venue.

Audio: Incessant Mace -> MP3

Toy Box