Chris Cornell @ Miami, FL 10.29.2015

Chris Cornell @ Miami, FL 10.29.2015

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Chris Cornell
SongBook Tour 2015
Adrienne Arsht Center - Knight Concert Hall
October 29th 2015


  1. Before We Disappaer

  2. Can’t Change Me

  3. Moonchild

  4. The Times They Are A Changin’ Back

  5. As Hope & Promise Fade (2 Drink Minimum)

  6. Nearly Forgot My Broken Heart

  7. Fell On Black Days

  8. Thank You

  9. River Of Deceit

  10. Call Me A Dog

  11. Doesn’t Remind Me

  12. Blow Up The Outside World

  13. Let Your Eyes Wander

  14. Billie Jean

  15. Seasons

  16. When I’m Down

  17. I Am The Highway

  18. Worried Moon

  19. Rusty Cage

  20. Sunshower

  21. Black Hole Sun

  22. Hunger Strike

  23. Wooden Jesus

  24. A Day In The Life


  25. Josephine

  26. Higher Truth

What’s Mine Is Ours

At the Chris Cornell Songbook show in Miami (10.29.2015), we had another meet and greet, this time with about a dozen other fans. We had won the backstage pass from a “send proof of purchase of Chris’s album” contest, and others had won various radio call-in and online contests.
Once we got backstage with Chris, there were no photos or videotaping allowed, but Chris spent a good deal of time just talking to everyone and signing what they brought in for him. We brought our copy of the Photofantasm book, and a promotional robotic hand from the Hands All Over single.
Chris had a lot of questions about the hand (for which we didn’t have too many answers as it was just passed down to us from a “grunge museum” so we didn’t know the full story behind it). He then put it in his sleeve and shook everyones’ hands with it and waved to us. He and Meghan spoke about the Apple Watch for a while before his security guard let him know he needs to get ready and end the meet and greet.
Other than us not being allowed to take photos during the meet, which I get, but was still quite unfortunate…they also insisted on having the security guard take the photos with Chris on his horrible phone. Our photo (above) ended up coming out the best (although still quite blurry) but most of the other photos were so bad you literally couldn’t tell who was in the photos (they sent everyone’s photos to entire email list so we all saw each other’s photos). We tried to get help from online communities like Reddit’s Photoshop sub to fix some of the possibly salvageable photos for the other fans, but we’re definitely grateful that ours came out at least somewhat okay.

Another highlight…when signing the book, Chris asked “are you Jaye ?” (referring to Jaye English, one of the creators of the book), and when I said “No, Jeff” he said “Oh yeah that’s right, you’re Jeffgarden”, despite us not bringing that up (or wearing the website shirts) this time. So that was nice : )

Chris Cornell @ Santiago, Chile 11.30.2016

Chris Cornell @ Santiago, Chile 11.30.2016

Soundgarden @ Ontario, Canada 07.11.2015