Chris Cornell @ New York, NY 11.12.2012

Chris Cornell
Hurricane Sandy Benefit
Bowery Ballroom
New York, NY
November 12th 2012


  1. Dark Globe

  2. Scar On The Sky

  3. Wooden Jesus

  4. Can’t Change Me

  5. Lady Stardust

  6. Fell On Black Days (performed with Soundgarden)

  7. Blow Up The Outside World (performed with Soundgarden)

  8. Black Saturday (performed with Soundgarden)

  9. Halfway There (performed with Soundgarden)

  10. Outshined (performed with Soundgarden)

  11. Black Hole Sun (performed with Soundgarden)

  12. Hunger Strike

  13. Sunshower

  14. When Doves Cry (tease)

  15. Cleaning My Gun

  16. Carry On

  17. Atlantic City

  18. Call Me a Dog

  19. Seasons

  20. I Am The Highway

  21. Thank You

  22. Like A Stone

  23. A Day In The Life


  24. Doesn’t Remind Me

  25. Preaching The End Of The World

  26. Sweet Euphoria

  27. Thunder Road

  28. Imagine

Toy Box

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Soundgarden @ New York, NY 07.11.1996

Downing Stadium
New York, New York
July 11th 1996
Lollapalooza 1996


1. Spoonman
2. Searching With My Good Eye Closed
3. Let Me Drown
4. Pretty Noose
5. Burden In My Hand
6. My Wave
7. Ty Cobb
8. Fell On Black Days
9. Rusty Cage
10. Black Hole Sun
11. Outshined
12. Mailman
13. Jesus Christ Pose

Toy Box

This boot is a DVD rip of a classic VHS bootleg that was circulated around in the 90's.  For some reason, after this 1996 Lollapalooza bit, it also contains the music videos for Black Hole Sun and My Wave, The 06.06.1992 Paris, France show, and Soundgarden on Saturday Night Live.  We decided to just keep it as-is.