Soundgarden @ Fort Myers, FL 04.30.2017

"Fort Rock" Festival 2017


1. Searching With My Good Eye Closed (intro) -> Spoonman
2. Kyle Petty, Son of Richard
3. Outshined
4. Black Hole Sun
5. My Wave
6. The Day I Tried To Live
7. Been Away Too Long
8. Fell On Black Days
9. Incessant Mace
10. Blow Up The Outside World
11. Jesus Christ Pose
12. Rusty Cage
13. Beyond The Wheel

What's Mine Is Ours

This was our final Soundgarden show, sadly.  The photos and video clips below are our own, and if you keep scrolling, the Toy Box section has a pro-shot video that Espo Productions shared on YouTube, as well as some additional audio.


Soundgarden @ Fort Myers, FL

Fort Rock Festival 04.30.2017

Setlist Meghan snagged after the show

Toy Box

Audioslave @ West Palm Beach, FL 08.05.2003


1. Exploder
2. Set It Off
3. Light My Way
4. Like A Stone
5. Super Stupid
6. Gasoline
7. Shadow On The Sun
8. (What's So Funny 'Bout) Peace, Love, and Understanding
9. I Am The Highway
10. Seven Nation Army
11. Show Me How To Live
12. Cochise

What's Mine Is Ours
Audioslave @ Lollapalooza 2003
West Palm Beach, FL 08.05.2003

We clearly hadn't yet started trying to take proper photos at this point, so all apologies for the Kodak throw-away quality of these photos.  

If you scroll down past our horrible photo gallery, there is a Toy Box section for this show, as we did come across a bootleg video of the show. 

Toy Box

These videos are not our own. We found this video bootleg just a week or so after the show.