Some of the VHS tapes the content of this page came from

Some of the VHS tapes the content of this page came from

Gather 'round kids, and let me tell you about the 90's
Back in the 90's, we got our Soundgarden fix on these devices called "televisions".  If we were lucky, in between hours and hours of Madonna, Michael Jackson, and Mariah Carrey music videos, we would get to see an occasional Soundgarden video.  And if we stayed up until the average time most people die in their sleep, we even got entire show episodes dedicated to Soundgarden !

Well, we had the foresight then, to capture some of these videos on our VCRs, which were our DVRs back then.  
And because we are so advanced now, and made this website in 1999, we have now, 17 years later, converted these videos to digital ! 
Plus, since YouTube isn't a thing (we assume if you bother coming to this website at all, you are in denial that YouTube is a thing), you can finally re-watch your favorite Soundgarden interviews from MTV's Headbanger's Ball, all in one place ! Not split up at all ! 

 Note that for the Headbanger's Ball video, each segment has a different quality since it's a compilation.  The first and last segments look worse than the creamy filling. So don't give up on me dad...i mean....on the video....and "yet"...sorry, I don't know what that was about...<cough>....


EyeTV App We Used To Rip The VHS

EyeTV App We Used To Rip The VHS

Soundgarden On Headbanger's Ball Compilation [Download

Soundgarden on Headbanger's Ball 1991 [Download]

Soundgarden On Something Called "Seattle Washington Special Part 1" Because That's What It Says At The Start Of The Video. [Download]*

Soundgarden promo interview at the A&M lot
This one is one of our favorite short interviews because they clearly don't want to be doing it :P
Also Matt stares at his hands for a good amount of it [Download]

Short clip(s) of Soundgarden, Pearl Jam, Alice in Chains, Temple of the Dog, and others at the 5th Anniversary RIP Magazine Party [Download]

1st Annual Concrete Foundations Awards Show - a.k.a. more clips only a mother (or obsessed Soundgarden fan) would want [Download]


*The headbanger's ball video download link is a Google Drive link because it was too big (1.19 gigs) for our horrible horrible server. The rest should just download, or you can right-click and choose save (or option-click on a Mac)

Use the top left "hamburger menu" (the 3 lines) to get a drop-down list of all the videos in this playlist.
All the downloads above are in this playlist so you can sample them first and see if it's worth downloading