We were at this show and Meghan was able to get video of the ENTIRE concert ! Our dedicated page to this is on the What's Mine Is Ours page, RIGHT HERE

This page though, features pro-shot video of most of the concert. Just to make things easy on everyone, here are both side by side. Don't say we never did anything for ya...

The Time Stamps Below Are Links To That Part Of The YouTube video. They will leave this page though and go to YouTube. 

01. Searching With My Good Eye Closed -
02. Spoonman - 5:15
03. Rusty Cage - 9:01
04. Blow Up The Outside World - 13:18
05. Let Me Drown - 19:11
06. Outshined - 22:53
07. Jesus Christ Pose - 28:00
08. Feel On Black Days - 33:49
09. Get On The Snake - 38:18
10. Black Hole Sun - 41:44
11. Face Pollution - 47:02

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