In 2011, Meghan and I decided we would return to Seattle for the first time since 2008, when we got hitched there. 

We planned the trip, booked the flight and hotel, and were all set, when Chris Cornell announced a tour which included a Seattle stop, just 2 weeks after we would be returning. 

So we did what any sane couple would do, and cancelled everything to move it up and be able to catch Chris's show.   This would be our 17th time seeing Chris, counting Audioslave and Soundgarden shows. 

Chris's Opening Act with Rob Doll

Chris's Opening Act with Rob Doll


We ended up meeting Mike and Jaye English [of Photofantasm fame] on our first day in Seattle, initially just to give them tickets to the show, and ultimately to hang out every second of the trip, and at 11 future shows, including Chris Cornell, Soundgarden, and Temple of the Dog two nights in a row at PJ20

We had photo passes to the show, but we knew we wouldn't get a chance to use them because we wanted to be up front on the rail, and the way the photographer's set up is done, there wouldn't be a way to get there afterwards.  The venue was nice enough to ship us the photo pass a week later so we can have it as a souvenir. 

We were already in line just before 8am, for the 9pm show.  Mike and Jaye joined us shortly afterwards, and other fans starting showing up a few hours later.   The growing crowd was increasingly awesome and a mix of Seattle locals and other crazies who'd traveled from all over the country for the show.  

We met up with a bunch of Facebook and Twitter Knights who we'd been talking to now for years but had never met in person, and we had made these video CD's of some of the stuff from this site to hand out.  


At the show, we were right up front and right in the middle.  Chris was probably 2 feet away from us.  We took pictures, and we took videos of 7 songs.  After the 7th, we were asked to not take videos, so we stopped. 
When the show ended, Chris's tour team asked to take our camera, and they disappeared to the back with it for about 10 minutes or so. 

When they returned, they hadn't deleted anything.

Chris's then bodyguard, Leroy, also came out to talk with us for a while, hinting that Chris was obviously going to be returning to Seattle again with Soundgarden (which they did, playing The Gorge a little while later).  He told me I made him nervous because I wasn't talking lol, but he clearly just didn't know the Jeff & Meghan dynamic yet.   I asked him about the photo pass just to say something, and he explained how that worked, which I already knew. 


They said they appreciate that we travel to see Chris and his bands, and they thanked us for being at this show.  They said we can keep everything that's on the camera, but to not post the videos.  

We have kept that promise, and our "What's Mine Is Ours" page for the Seattle show has had our photos up - probably since just after the show that night- but we never posted our videos.  Recently, we reached out to Chris's wife and family to ask if we could share the videos here, as a tribute and as an appreciation of Chris, and our luck, to have been able to be at this show, and they have agreed to let us share the videos.