Chris Cornell Miami SongBook Show: What's Mine Is Ours

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Meghan & I had a chance to take part in the pre-show Chris Cornell meet and greet thanks to the Higher Truth contest (where you sent in proof of pre-ordering the album).  We took the Photofantasm book [get yours here) and a vintage "Hands All Over" hand from an incredibly old promotion.  Chris recognized us from past shows and meets which is always great, and he knew about the book already of course. He also stuffed the hand in his sleeve and played around with it which was the best, but unfortunately they frown on taping or photographing during the whole thing.  

Luckily, they at least took 1 pic of us together and emailed it. Unfortunately, the photographer has the steady hands of Michael J. Fox, but whatever, I guess we can't complain. #donthate

See all photos [from the actual show] here

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