Uncovered: Soundgarden, Audioslave, & Temple of the Dog songs, covered by other bands

Lea Maric (pictured left), who garnered national attention in 2012 after consuming bath salts and viciously attacking an elderly man in Miami, has put together an extensive list of Soundgarden, Audioslave, and Temple of the Dog cover songs performed throughout the years. 

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Soundgarden Covers:

Incubus - Black Hole Sun - [Date/Location Unknown] (MP3 Download)

Smashing Pumpkins - Outshined [tease] @ Raymond Revenue Bar - London 04.07.1993  (MP3 Download)

·       Peter Frampton Blackhole Sun https://youtu.be/nU8yuWddw0E

·       Johnny Cash - Rusty Cage https://youtu.be/EtbuUlSGXzc

·       Evanescence - 4th of July https://youtu.be/9Pdo8LDQQx4

·       Guns n' Roses - Black Hole Sun https://youtu.be/M4Q4XPluffY

·       Avett Brothers - Black Hole Sun https://youtu.be/5URFlP05IyI

·       Train- Black Hole Sun https://youtu.be/Msfag1w6uYA

·       Grace Potter and the Nocturnals - Black Hole Sun https://youtu.be/ZaGL10pLirI

·       Dopapod - Black Hole Sun https://youtu.be/KWxkt4LgyEc

·       Zakk Sabbath Outshined / Into the Void https://youtu.be/3sDLoX-aC5Y

·       Dee Snider – Outshined https://youtu.be/fYkOCHwJtn8

·       Charlotte Martin - Black Hole Sun https://youtu.be/XElOqBgo9vo

·       Gov't Mule - Fell On Black Days https://youtu.be/huLvpsueaEc

·       Thousand Foot Krutch – Outshined https://youtu.be/d1aaM8NE-tM

·       Incubus feat Matt from Cage The Elephant - https://youtu.be/hcT1pVh-jZY

·       Haley Reinhart - https://youtu.be/R6RD6mjiIZE

·       Cibo Matto - Black Hole Sun https://youtu.be/Ar0SK2fDCxQ

·       KT Tunstall - Black Hole Sun https://youtu.be/QZXUYYyl9wU

·       Classic Case - Fell On Black Days https://youtu.be/uPqhmIbEJao

·       Living Colour – Blow up the Outside https://youtu.be/WM_KDrEKQpM

·       Arielle – Black Hole Sun https://youtu.be/OFCX5MRx3ag

·       Maxence Cyrin - Black Hole Sun https://youtu.be/33xv2rDQInU

·       Halestorm - Fell on Black Dayshttps://youtu.be/0L0QiCYcXPA

·       Queen V from 90's Camp Freddy - Spoonman https://youtu.be/yomz7zO2Zps

·       Stone Sour – Outshined https://youtu.be/mUoqaPODc3A

·       Anastacia - Black Hole Sun https://youtu.be/C2hijoowDo8

·       Michael Franti & Spearhead – Black Hole Sun https://youtu.be/wnE-pKZyeVY

·       Billy Talent - Burden In My Hand https://youtu.be/WeTDn0kKu1Y

·       Mutemath - Black Hole Sun https://youtu.be/o4EwRNniTPU

·       Death Cab for Cutie - Fell On Black Days - https://youtu.be/s1_9kOAecuM

·       Alice in Chains - Hunted Down https://youtu.be/r8gHRyjjj60

·       Ryan Adams - Black Hole Sun https://youtu.be/dluZ7P3xo1s

·       Theory of a Deadman - Black Hole Sun https://youtu.be/8xFdfzhVM8U

·       Local H - Slaves & Bulldozers https://youtu.be/-Uj8T6orHc4

·       Alanis Morissette - Black Hole Sun https://youtu.be/eUsi6UV0IUs

·       Ann Wilson – Black Hole Sun https://youtu.be/hCzgPwbj1s8

·       Pierce the Veil – Black Hole Sun https://youtu.be/Wjk64gE-n5g

·       Megadeth – Outshined https://youtu.be/jJT4A8vS02Y

·       Westworld Soundtrack - Black Hole Sun - Ramin Djawadi https://youtu.be/mq364f4RGqE

·       District 97- Black Hole Sun https://youtu.be/pCnEeroycfE

·       Norah Jones – Black Hole Sun https://youtu.be/GfFndn2fIJc

·       Eric Church - Rusty Cage https://youtu.be/tyryIbS9yjg

·       Joe Tucker – Black Hole Sun https://youtu.be/hQ-56J-d5QQ

·       The Presidents of the United States of America – Spoonman https://youtu.be/UcPccQPhXPE

·       Trivium – Black Hole Sun https://youtu.be/_iGrA2238xo

·       Audioslave - Rusty Cage https://youtu.be/9e1IjL0Lskw

·       The Dillinger Escape Plan - Jesus Christ Pose https://youtu.be/Fc6M4buPOTg

·       Chris Daughtry - Fell on Black Dayshttps://youtu.be/QNfiK4ld_0E

·       Scott Stapp- Black Hole Sun https://youtu.be/F7JX-JfGzZI

·       The VR Sessions - Fell On Black Days https://youtu.be/ha5hKv3FAmI

·       Morgan James – Black Hole Sun https://youtu.be/cHmdTCl4kG8

·       Metallica- Black Hole Sun https://youtu.be/9axMI6TUPHI

·       Metallica/ Robert Trujillo - Black Hole Sun https://youtu.be/vTJRG1ywsUo

·       Break of Reality- Black Hole Sun https://youtu.be/nW8XDsST18s

·       Aerosmith Intro Black Hole Sun https://youtu.be/5jB0od_OoOo

·       Choir! Black Hole Sun https://youtu.be/cDN_jyv8Sfg

·       Bush - Black Hole Sun https://youtu.be/orb2CoZJXcs

·       Dream Theater- Black Hole Sun https://youtu.be/Xy1ezqxuT9I

·       Miki Santamaria- Black Hole Sun https://youtu.be/aSWcCGMzkQI







Audioslave/Temple of the Dog Covers:


·       Live - I Am The Highway https://youtu.be/tU4kPi4D8UU

·       Audioslave - Show Me How To Live https://youtu.be/g6VysLSeqqs

·       The Pretty Reckless - Like a Stone https://youtu.be/4RJFgzbsQCM

·       PROPHETS OF RAGE -  Like a Stone https://youtu.be/3aPqcNbj660

·       Géczi Teodóra cello cover - https://youtu.be/r1fu1ValPmA

·       NOWDAZE - Like A Stone https://youtu.be/1FAz2JALz8s

·       Sons of Texas - I Am The Highway Cover https://youtu.be/GfX5BjnJ4Vc

·       The Head and the Heart - Hunger Strike https://youtu.be/cu-0doD0OYI

·       Candlebox - Hunger Strike https://youtu.be/frU-f_zzlUQ

·       Candlebox – Say Hello 2 Heaven https://youtu.be/2bnXfMYl27o

·       Halestorm and Corey Taylor - Hunger Strike https://youtu.be/YNHnGDm5cRE

·       Godsmack - Hunger Strike https://youtu.be/U2IkaD823Z0

·       Red Hot Chili Peppers - All Night Thing https://youtu.be/990H3wD-_rA

·       Zac Brown Band - Hunger Strike https://youtu.be/LWbPariscjw

·       Corey Taylor - Hunger Strike https://youtu.be/3cI9UWcCjOw

·       Godsmack - Crawling/Hunger Strike https://youtu.be/9CrPN3MBs2A

·       Queensryche - Say Hello To Heaven https://youtu.be/Ir4JB74CGZE

·       Red Hot Chili Peppers /Josh Klinghoffer- Seasons https://youtu.be/jkCGugzcvrg

·       Mike Love- Seasons https://youtu.be/XIjydJ1IOuc

·       Puddles Pity Party - When I'm Down Cover https://youtu.be/B59pFr4l85c

·       Phyllotaxis – Cochise https://youtu.be/9eo-Mlh7_l4

·       Pete Thorn Guest Curated – Cochise https://youtu.be/AdcI1ZI8cCY

Video: Rock On The Range Tribute To Chris Cornell

On May 19th, we kept our plans to attend Rock On The Range in Columbus, OH so we could be with friends and Knights for the weekend.  The festival put together a tribute to Chris Cornell that we [at least attempted to] record, with the initial intention to post right after the show, but the whole thing ended up being a bit much and we decided we couldn't really go through our clips to post anything. 

We went over everything today [August 4th] and decided to post a few clips from the tribute, if just a tad bit late...

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